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I simply looove the site Skillshare with their design tutorials made by other freelancers around the world. It’s like having inspiring colleagues showing tips and tricks about their projects. And you also get an inside view form their amazingly talented professional lives.

Skillshare’s manifest:

Our mission is simple. Reunite learning with education and make it accessible to every single person on this planet. Anyone can learn anything, at any age, at an affordable cost, anywhere in the world. Rather than memorize equations for a test, learn by taking action. Learn from your peers. Learn by getting feedback. Learn by making mistakes. Learn by making things. Our cities are our best and biggest campuses, and any address can be a classroom. 

Learning and teaching are essential to keep the world spinning. All of our progress is dependent on it. This cycle turns magical when a student becomes a teacher. If we all share our knowledge and skills with each other, it becomes an endless cycle of awesomeness, and the world becomes a much better place.

The First Steps of Hand-Lettering: Concept to Sketch (Lettering I)
An Online Skillshare Class by Mary Kate McDevitt

Lettering for Designers: One Drop Cap Letterform at a Time
An Online Skillshare Class by Jessica Hische
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New chapters

2013 was an very eventful year for! Our family grew and we bought a house outside of Gothenburg.

Planning the interior decoration!

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The office

My office space in the beautiful “Lagerhuset”, close to “Järntorget”, in Gothenburg.

Tindra, the office manager.



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Frankfurt Book Fair

The Frankfurt Book Fair was gigantic, to say the least, and we would have needed two full day to see it all!

A lot of inspiring art work!

Visiting a large book fair like this is a great way to get an overview of publishing houses worldwide.

I’ve always been fascinated by the old methods of printing books. Imagine what a time consuming job it was to put all the small small small type figures next to each other, before the printing process could begin.


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A weekend in Frankfurt

Recently, we spent Friday-Monday in Frankfurt. The reason for this trip was the annual Book Fair, the world’s largest. So we took the opportunity to make a mini-vacation out of it! I like Frankfurt a lot! A city full of contrasts with skyscrapers in one of Europes business district and the beautiful old buildings and neighborhoods of what was not destroyed in World War II.