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My name is Sanna Sporrong and I am a freelance  graphic designer since 2006. I combine expertise in graphic design with a passion for books. I design and produce books, audio books, e-books, magazines and catalogs as well as other marketing material for both print and web.

I love life as a freelancer, being creative in different ways and meeting inspiring people. I run a freelance cooparative in Gothenburg called “BRUKET – le bureau“.

My academic experience includes studies in Media and Communication, Visual Communication and courses in Art history and Swedish interior design. E-mail me if you want my CV and portfolio sent to you!

Said about my work:
“The best thing about working with Sanna is that she is so versatile and ‘innovative’. I have hired her for design and layout of large projects, and I am always very pleased with what she does. She is incredibly creative and she always understands what I want, and gives just that.”
Agathe Skappel, Pantagruel Forlag, Norway

“Sanna Sporrong has a unique ability to create good and creative solutions to challenging assignments. A delight to work with.”
Cathrine Almaas, Perleblekk Publisher, Norway

Skills: Adobe CS6 InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop.

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