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I’ve tryed to take som time off from the internet lately, it’s hard! ;) My last week of my vacation I’m going to try collecting as much energy as possible for a busy upcoming fall. Recantly I’ve spent time reading, reflecting, running, breathing, solving crossword puzzles, listening to P1 and spending time with friends and family. In short, taking care of myself!

Looove this book!

Magnus and his sister Malin in Palmhuset, Trädgårdsföreningen. I could live in this place! Afterwards we had coffee in the rose garden :)

Some of my mothers art work. The picture above with the girl has a beautiful text above it: “Remember to keep your back straight, so that the wings will grow like they should”. True!


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  1. Åh, vacker konst! Och vackra bilder.

    Jag berättar gärna mer om bokprojektet! :) Får mejla dig men nu ska det bli bums-i-säng.

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